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My Projects

We work on many projects. This section serves to document some of these.

Scripting Projects:
While some have to do with programming, we are not programmers. We believe that to effectively manage a network, scripting and programming is necessary. Most of the scripts are with in VB scripting only because Basic was the original language I learned and felt most comfortable using. I did not write any script to make money, only to make my life easier. All of the scripts that I post on this site are works that I have done as original works with information from various Internet sites.

Open Source Projects:
We are committed to providing high quality products to our clients at the lowest cost. We feel that Open Source solutions are viable solution and will continue to test, develop and promote use of open source software and hardware. From time to time,we do set up Free Open Source solutions for our clients, there is a cost with these solutions either in set up, training or maintenance. Just because it does not cost money it is not free.
My newest project is setting up and running a FreeBSD virtual host with FreeBSD, Linux and Windows clients.

Our Work:
Most of our work is contracted services involving network management and end user support. Most recently we have worked setting up a couple of servers including a VMWare host with multiple Windows clients, configuring Cisco ASA firewall including setting up a point to point VPN between client locations, writing specialized scripts to automate monthly client work flows and securing a public domain name, email and web service.